Hospitality Survival Guide During COVID-19

Hospitality Survival Guide During COVID-19

Hospitality Survival Guide During COVID-19

Posted by Tania du Plessis |  20 March, 2020

We have seen the hospitality and travel industry being hit by the COVID-19 the most. Has your business been negatively impacted? We are here to help and have put together a ‘Hospitality Survival Guide’. 


Hospitality Survival Guide

Here are a few important notes to consider or take into account to help you make important decisions during this challenging time:

  • Communicate honestly and openly – being upfront and honest will always be in the best interest to the public, media, and shareholders.
  • Think about your staff and shareholders when you make announcements and decisions.
  • Collaborate and coordinate together not only to with shareholders, but also to our local governments.
  • Amplify your message together. Collaborate as a sector.
  • Get ahead of the story when possible. Keep up with alerts and updates from the government. Act accordingly when possible.
  • Consider alternate business models – delivery, pick ups, ‘ghost kitchens’.
  • Start planning and thinking about the next 12 months. Plan ahead for when everything is back to normal.
  • Most importantly, put the well-being of your staff first. Educate your employees on #socialdistancing and practice exceptional hygienic habits.


For more information on the new bylaw and legislation stating that restaurants, pubs, taverns and nightclubs are not allowed to operate or serve alcohol between 18:00 – 09:00 Monday – Saturday and not between 13:00 – 09:00 on Sundays and Public Holidays, please reference the Government Gazette for official statement here: Government Gazette 18 March 2020 (Vol. 657 No. 43107).


Tips & Ideas:

  • Sell specific sauces from popular dishes. These can be sold in-store, be delivered or via an online shop.
  • Frozen foods – provide frozen food options to popular dishes that can be stored. For e.g. Butter Chicken, Bobotie, Soups, etc.
  • Reduce menu items – only serve your most popular dishes for the time being.
  • Sell gift cards/vouchers.
  • New rent prices – communicate with landlords and be honest with them.
  • People are refusing to pay cash – make sure you have cashless payment systems such as SnapScan, Zapper, etc.
  • Improved and/or contactless delivery options.
  • #savehospo – get behind this hashtag 😉
  • Start a petition (only when necessary) and communicate as a sector.
  • Work together with other restaurants – support one another in an collective marketing effort to #supportlocal.
  • Is it ethically responsible to invite people to your venues? ​You should follow directions from the government. Follow official advice all the time.



As we mentioned, to honest communication is always the best.  And it’s OKAY to be honest and vulnerable during these incredibly difficult and unprecedented times. Let’s share our stories to #savehospo and continue to support local businesses. We are #strongertogether.


Negotiate Reduced Rent

We have to remember that we are not in this alone, we’re all in this together. Thus, take the chance to openly communicate to your landlord and negotiate reduced rent for your business’ premises during this period.  For your convenience, here is an example of an email you can send. Simply personify the copy.

Dear XXX,

I don’t need to tell you that these are unprecedented times and extremely challenging for my restaurant and indeed, our whole community.

I value our relationship and point to my good record as a tenant of XXX years/months standing.

Given the incredibly difficult circumstances my business now finds itself in, I would be extremely grateful for a reconsideration of my rent commitments during the COVID-19 crisis we are facing.

I ask you to consider granting me a rent-free period until June 30, 2020. Without such a concession I fear for the survival of my business and the continued employment of the staff I rely upon to run it.

With your assistance, I believe I have a much better chance of riding through these difficult times and continuing to be the reliable and considerate tenant that you know me to be.

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,


Credit: Dani Valent


Are you in a different industry? We want to help!

Has the international COVID-19 natural disaster impacted on your business negatively? We’re here to help!

We’ve found ourselves facing an unprecedented crisis in modern history. Our country’s economy is crumbling beneath our feet and we’ve seen small to medium businesses suffering the most.

We’ve seen people postponing their weddings, canceling photoshoots and make-up artists. We’ve seen our local tourism industry take a massive hit, not even mentioning the global impact it has had. We’ve seen restaurants, tasting rooms and coffee shops lose daily clientèle and workers living on weekly wages, not making ends meet. We’ve seen wine estates close their doors to the public to protect their staff and visitors. And we’ve seen our local shops lose their daily shoppers in an attempt to exercise social distancing and self-isolation.

What a time we are living in! But perhaps we were born for times such as these. To be kind and generous. To be neighbourly and extend a helping hand. And that is exactly what we at Finovate Amplified are going to do. We are more than just a marketing company within the digital sphere. We are about people because every business, shop, entrepreneur and worker in our local areas make up a collective whole of our extended functional family. You ARE our people. That’s why we want to help.

We’re offering a FREE 1-hour consultation worth a R1 000 to help your business increase its sales during this time (and in future). Not online yet? We’ll help businesses such as yours to take their business online. The value that you will get:

  • FREE report
  • Domain audit & analysis
  • Google position listing
  • 5 Ways to immediately improve your Google ranking
  • Google and Social Media competitor analysis
  • Discover your target audience through our Customer Avatar template
  • Where to find your ideal client online
  • What Social Media Platforms work best for your business?
  • Expert recommendations and next steps


To support #FlattenTheCurve we’ll schedule a virtual or telephonic meeting with you. Contact us today and let’s build a better future together. You can email us at or phone 072 150 8373.

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