Customer Journey E-Workshop


The All-New 2020 Customer Journey E-Workshop


Before you get started, you need to know who your ideal customer is, where they are, and what they will buy.  Digital marketing is about helping customers move along this journey faster.  The Customer Value Journey is about turning strangers into buyers.

This Journey stands out among the crowd because it gives you a step-by-step process for attracting, converting, and keeping your best customers.

And because we want to give you a jump start on implementing this strategy into your own business, we created an online workshop so that together we can start to build a blueprint that will grow your business and get quick wins.


  1. Brand Audit
    Analyse your brand category, image type, font choice, advertising angles, and content type, with key recommendations for brand strategy.

  2. Content Strategy
    Analyse your brand versus core competitors across social channels, content-type, frequency of content, social reach, and keyword search volume with key recommendations.

  3. Content Calendar
    3 Month content plan with action dates and deliverables.

  4. Before and After Grid
    Analyse your target audience. Speak the correct language and get in tune with what your audience needs.

  5. Customer Avatar
    Analyse your customers’ interest and buying personas.

Subject to calendar availability 

This is an online e-workshop.  This workshop consists of a 3-part customised video series that will enable you to really grasp your industry while teaching you top-level marketing fundamentals to start implementing immediately.  We will end the workshop with a live face-to-face collaboration session to really get creative and call out on action points.  Time-slots are still booked on a first come first serve basis and booking is essential.

Contact us on or 072 150 8373 if you have any questions or if you are interested in our e-workshop.

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