the Challenge

Growing on the brand building done by Similan, we worked with the marketing team of the development to roll out a well thought out lead generation campaign to the new property development Urbika Estate in Johannesburg in order to create a hype in interest to the new development.

the Solution

We advertised the launch of the property on all Social Media platforms and ran a well-thought-out Google Adwords Campaign giving away content for free. We created a new campaign landing page that promoted the heart and proposition that the Urbika brand has. A new automated email system was designed to help the estate agents make contact with possible buyers and increased their relationship in value and trust.

the Result

This development was successfully introduced to the South African market. The new housing was launched and we welcomed 100’s of new possible buyers to the new open weekend launches. Our lead generation campaign supplied over 2000 qualified leads over a period of 6 months.

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