What Type Of Business Owner Are You?

What Type Of Business Owner Are You?

What Type Of Business Owner Are You?

Posted by Dawie de Villiers |  25 March, 2020

Being a business owner in a time such as this has proven to be extremely hard and at the same time, presented the opportunity to showcase leadership. Who will you become?

What Type Of Business Owner Are You?

Dear Business owners,

There’s a lot of uncertainty around what affects this virus could have on the world and the economy.

But one thing is for certain:

It’s in times like these, that owning a business is both a difficult and an incredible responsibility. Your decisions and actions will impact a lot of people, such as your employees, your clients and your community.

And the number one key quality of a leader in uncertain times is their ability to take decisive action.

Because it’s in times like these, that businesses get exposed, regardless of whether your business was on sound footing. The ones that are the most vulnerable, are the ones that operate by whatever ‘fate’ falls in their lap, and not the ones with a predictable machine-like operation for attracting new customers.

As the economy contracts, as uncertainty spreads quicker than the virus itself, as people are fearful, they’ll look to you as a leader. The entrepreneur. Now is the time you must take bold and decisive action.

Firstly, come up with a plan for when this hits the fan, look at your company’s weaknesses and biggest threats.

And after you’ve addressed those, it’s time to get on the offensive. What I’ve observed is that during times of uncertainty, that leaders (entrepreneurs) organise themselves into three distinctive groups.


1. The Paralysed By Fear Entrepreneur:

They’re flicking between 5 different news stations…

E-News, CNN, News24, BBC,Sky News etc.

This entrepreneur is the most emotional, the most concerned and the most overwhelmed. They’re indoctrinating themselves with negative media and they speak using words like ‘struggle’, ‘fear’, ‘hard’, or ‘difficult’.

They’re playing the blame-game. “Who’s fault is this?” This distorts their perception and clouds their judgment and is preventing them from seeing what CAN BE DONE.

Secondly, we have…

2. The Scattered Entrepreneur:

They’re riddled with uncertainty on what to do and playing the ‘wait-and-see’ game. Burying their head in the sand and hoping this all blows over and things return to normal.

Their activity level starts slipping into ‘retreat-mode’ and what little resemblance of plan they’re trying to formulate is simply about taking time off, going on vacation and retreating.

Thirdly we have…

3. The Action-Oriented Entrepreneur:

They’re consuming far less news and aren’t engaging in negative talk. They’re taking ACTION and looking for opportunities, making changes to how their teams work. Shifting product/service offerings, looking at buying other businesses.

They’re scaling up their advertising and marketing, and they’re on the hunt for good talent to snatch up when opportunity presents.

They’re on the offensive side. Looking for SOLUTIONS, not staring at problems.

What Type Of Business Owner Are You?








Let Us Help You

Dear South African Business Owner, don’t let the fear paralyse you, start making moves, invest in your business, your education.

As Warren Buffett says:

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful”.

Meaning, look to make investments in your business when competitors are fearful. (Not greedy in a ‘go out and buy all the toilet paper’ kind of way). Take note, now is the perfect time to invest in your business and to invest in yourself.

And we’ve just released a brand-new offering on a FREE 1-hour consultation worth a R1 000 to help small to medium enterprises take the next step to create an online selling system. The value that you will get:

  • FREE report
  • Domain audit & analysis
  • Google position listing
  • 5 Ways to immediately improve your Google ranking
  • Google and Social Media competitor analysis
  • Discover your target audience through our Customer Avatar template
  • Where to find your ideal client online
  • What Social Media Platforms work best for your business?
  • Expert recommendations and next steps


Our consultation offering is extremely helpful and will empowers you to take the necessary steps for your business to survive a time such as this. And never has there been a better occasion than now to take action.

To support #FlattenTheCurve we’ll schedule a virtual or telephonic meeting with you. Contact us today and let’s build a better future together. You can email us at dawie@finovateamplified.co.za or phone 072 150 8373.

Take Your Business Online









P.S. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you and your family are keeping safe, being hopeful and believing in a better tomorrow for our planet. Be safe. Finovate team 🙂

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